We live for Live

It's actually as simple as that. We're experts in streaming, broadcasts and live productions

Our studio

With a hyper modern studio in the middle of Stockholm City, we can produce high quality broadcasts even on a short notice.

External events

Sometimes it's not practical to broadcast from a studio, so we also offer live productions using our mobile broadcast rig.


We also offer our expertese as consultants, design and build custom studios and tailored broadcast services

Esports and gaming

What we're really known for is our esports and gaming productions. We broadcast 100+ esport events every year and worked all over the world. We offer both whitelabel productions, consultation as well as full-service projects.

Our origin story

It all started as a hobby. But by combining modern broadcast equipment with a smarter workflow - we soon realized that we had a uniqe product in the broadcast market.


By investing in high quality broadcast equipment and precisely tuning them for our needs, we managed to find a way to produce live broadcasts that set a new standard.


With our abillity to develop our own tools and software to suit our needs we have managed to build a name for ourselves

A dedicated crew

Each and everyone of our team brings something unique and there is only one thing that really unites us...

We love what we do

This means we put our soul into every single thing we do, and we always challange ourselves to be better.

Our Customers

Our Team

  • Bild på Ludvig


    Founder, CEO

  • Bild på Sara



  • Bild på Emil


    Producer, Stream Technician

  • Bild på Alexander


    Producer, Editor

  • Bild på Linda


    Office Manager

  • Bild på Kasper


    Replay & Steadicam Operator

  • Bild på Hannes


    In-game Observer

  • Bild på Elias